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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute we are tracking five big stories. a massive manhunt after a dinnertime shooting outside a fast food restaurant.
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>> one man's quick thinking may have saved his life. future.god knows the >> a debate over a decades-old law some say pits christians against pagans. live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is breaking news. shooting, a carjacking, and a massive manhunt for the man believed responsible. officers aidede by canines on the ground and a helicopter in the sky all looking for one person. it all started with a dinnertime shooting near the mcdonald's on dale road just off i-95. the search is focused on an apartment complex. now, many police officers in the air and on the
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ground are searching frantically for the suspect. a group of apartments nestled back behind me. prince william county police say just before 7:00, an argument in this woodbridge mcdonald's parking lot between two men escalated into gunfire. >> the victim was an adult male. he was shot in the face in the parking lot outside. he ran to the mcdonald's. car,e suspect fled in his which he dumped in the nearby freedom high school parking lot. the suspect ran to route one, where he carjacked a vehicle. >> we have that area near misty ridge locked down. we are conducting a search for him. andelicopter, k-9 units, uniformed officers are searching
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for the suspect, who they believe is armed and dangerous. >> we believe he is on foot and hiding in one of the apartments. >> we are urging residents to take necessary precautions. >> authorities are very concerned about someone armed and dangerous on the loose in an area so compact. many people live here. a lot of apartment complexes, the mall is not far from here. something they are taking very seriously. the driver of the vehicle who was carjacked not injured. the victim who was shot in the face only sustained a superficial injury. he is 23 years old. what they are arguing over -- what they were arguing over, police are still trying to determine. adc police officer is heard
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in an accident in southeast washington. a driver making a left-hand turn collided with the officers motorcycle. there is no word on the extent of the injuries and it is not known if the officer was on duty. police have not ticketed the driver. smoke -- andand a drivers inute for northwest washington. a giant tree came crashing down during the evening rush hour. both rates -- both lanes were blocked for several hours. one driver heard the tree snap and through his car into reverse. -- threw his car into reverse. >> i wanted to get out of the way of the tree. but luckily, no one was hurt. the tree cost cosmetic damage to one vehicle and it took three hours to reopen the lane.
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the treeer at the time fell was the exact opposite of severe. .unny skies out there steve rudin is here with what is going on right now. >> it does not get much better than this for the end of august. overnightry for the hours, but the tropics are starting to heat up. ,his is our third named storm maximum sustained winds at 75 miles per hour and gusts up to 92 miles per hour. we are looking at the storm to take a hard turn toward the east as we move over the next couple of days. no threat for the delmarva beaches. we will talk about what to expect over the next seven days. >> dozens rallied outside the white house tonight and a call for change after the shooting death of michael brown in ferguson.
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she is a nine-year-old girl who joined those speaking at the hands up don't shoot rally. it included a moment of silence and a candlelight vigil. more thanhe same day 2000 people packed a st. louis church for brown's funeral. it included calls from brown's family for a day of peace. >> it has been an emotional day. a peaceful one, we should point ,ut, as more than 5000 family friends, and supporters of michael brown gathered at the church and around it to say their final farewell. brown must be remembered for more than
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disturbances. >> mourners began lining up at a st. louis church hours before monday's funeral. the 18-year-old died on august 9 in ferguson, missouri, after being shot i officer darren wilson. by officer darren wilson. his death sparked days of violent protests in the st. louis suburb, which have since calmed down. his family and friends filled the church, as did people he never met. celebrities and activists paid their respects. the church bishop called for funeral attendees to lead by example. placed a special calling on our lives that we be the agent of change. if we do our job well, perhaps other mothers and fathers will not have to sit where you and i sit. >> the family attorney spoke for them at the funeral.
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accept 3/5not justice. we will demand equal justice for michael brown junior. behind me, officials are gathering for a news conference that has been scheduled with the state highway patrol. the big topic of discussion will be whether or not the peace we have seen the last couple of days will continue to hold as the investigation continues into exactly what happened the day michael brown died. thank you very much for the latest. african-american police officers in anne arundel county are questioning a large donation to the defense of officer darren wilson. in a letter to the anne arundel county chapter, the officers
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questioned why the group donated more than $1000 to wilson's defense. they call it inflammatory. anne arundel county police chief condemned the donation last week . the cultural and racial issues brought to the surface by what happened in ferguson will be the focus of a special town hall tomorrow night. 7:00 on ourh it at sister station news channel 8. it will also be streamed live on we are getting a firsthand account tonight of one of three terrifying attacks on women in northwest washington. police believe the attacks they all be linked to the same man. we are live at the scene of one of the attacks and columbia heights. one of those three attacks happened right near here on oak street.
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a woman was walking down the street when a man came up from behind her, grabbed her from behind, wrote her, and then he -- groped her and then he stabbed her. >> she was screaming help, help. i looked out my window. >> he was woken up early saturday morning. the suspect was gone by the time he looked out. he must've gotten frightened and ran off. >> what happened on oak street is one of three incidents is in five days, all within a mile of each other in columbia heights and mt. pleasant. >> if it is one person, that is a type of sexual predator. ask the first happened around 2:00 in the morning last wednesday. a man approached a woman on mount pleasant street and tried to talk to her and then groped h
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er. the most recent happened early in the morning and mount pleasant in an alley off park road. >> as a woman who walks at night, it is very concerning. >> police are asking women to be on alert. >> this will make me a lot more vigilant. >> if i see somebody, i cross the street. groping, they's suspect lost his chicago bulls ball cap. say the woman who was attacked on oak street was the only one of the three who was stabbed. she is going to be ok. she told the police the suspect was wearing a green and white polka dot shirt. police of that will jog somebody's memory.
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we are live tonight in northwest washington. >> repairs are under way tonight for one of the most unusual problems to cause traffic delays in recent memory. why did simple lane stripes turn into this risley mess? -- grizzly mass? the community marches behind us cross to defend magic?
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>> we have breaking news in the u.s. fight against isis. resident obama has authorized u.s. surveillance flights over syria. this all comes hours after we learned the president is considering airstrikes against isis as the u.s. tries to cope with the crisis in iraq. in northern virginia community is divided tonight over the faith -- it sounds like something out of the history books. a decades-old law banning things considered magic arts.
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>> many told us they had forgotten about the law. it bans fortune-telling, tarot card readings, and practicing magic. a tarot card reader set up shop on main street for just one day. some people in the town threatened to boycott the other vendors. >> and extreme group of people who have taken on an ordinance to push their political agenda. >> the town council scheduled a vote to repeal the ban and opponents sprang into action. one group of citizens marched carrying the cross while others bow their heads in prayer. >> it is an abomination. person a power that only god has.
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only god knows the future. >> inside it was a packed house and things got heated. >> as for me in my house, we will serve the lord. >> what you are talking about is un-american. repeal this ridiculous law. end, the town council voted 4-2 to repeal the ban. the licenseue is fees for those businesses. stay tuned. we're also following repairs to 66 after an unusual problem caused chaos during the morning rush. take a look at what we saw. this is news chopper over the scene. crews were working to repair the lane markings. this is the second phase of repair work after squiggly lines
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and the disaster from this morning. temporary lane stripes somehow came undone and left a confusing mishmash of lines. work is expected to be completed in time for the morning rush hour. drivers are urged to avoid the wilson bridge later tonight. it will open for half an hour beginning at 2:00. it will allow the pride of baltimore ii to pass underneath. >> goto old town alexander on the banks to watch it. >> if you have insomnia. it has been a perfect day. >> low humidity, hardly any clouds. give it one more day.
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temperature at reagan national airport is 76 degrees. a wind is zero. earlier this afternoon was 84 at the airport. our average is 97 for the right -- our average is 86 and 97 is the record. earlier ofg, a high 83. downtown d.c., 71. temperatures little bit cooler off to the west of us, already in the 50's for garrett county. 61, winchester. these are the areas we will see temperatures in the upper 50's. closer to the district, we are talking around 60-65 early tomorrow morning. the view needs -- the heat and humidity is out there. it is 89 degrees in st. louis. 72, indianapolis.
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dew points are beginning to increase. this is the typical washington weather that we are so accustomed to around here. things will feel a bit different tomorrow. the heat and humidity will begin to build. we have a cold front to the north and west. this will bring us showers, thunderstorms, 30% on wednesday. and-pressure will move away that is what is bringing us the great temperatures. this same cold front will lift northward this weekend and that will bring us a better chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. it will not be a washout. mainly clear and comfortable tonight. the winds are out of the south. for the day tomorrow, fantastic. a bit more humidity, 83-88 degrees.
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heatxtended outlook, the and unity is back on wednesday -- and unity is back on wednesday -- and humidity is back on wednesday. 90 degree range saturday and sunday. delmarva beaches, the last weekend before labor day. controversy with the weather, but maybe with the redskins. >> they seem to be talking about a quarterback controversy. did the phillies crash the nationals party in the city of brotherly love?
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>> and now the toyota sports desk. >> the nationals opened the nine-game road trip in philadelphia tonight.
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had one early. he was some kind of tough tonight. let me take you back to philadelphia. he struck out 12 nationals. he had the ball dancing. the game-winner came from -- came in the bottom of the seventh inning. he dials long distance. nats beat the let's go to baltimore. it was a home run derby in camden yards. back to back to back in the fifth. the bottom of the plate, adam jones, watch them go after a long ball. back.s a barrel on the runner. in for the perfect throw.
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the robbery and the perfect throw by adam jones. the redskins. brandon meriweather has been suspended for the hit saturday on torrey smith. he will miss the first game against the texans and the second game against the jaguars. you have to believe that he will repeal. he has been fined five times for illegal hits. he paid 42,000 for that hit last year. i thought he led with the shoulder saturday night. joe theismann's comments have everybody talking. he said kurt cousins is playing better than rg iii. iiigruden wants to see rg take it up a couple of notches. rg iii will be the guy regardless of what the experts are saying about a so-called quarterback controversy. >> you cannot worry about what anybody on the outside says.
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it does not affect our approach to the game. you block all that stuff out and move forward. quarterbackarting was at a family function over the weekend and saw his seven-year-old nephew drowning in a pull. he jumped from a second story balcony onto a concrete deck, crawled into the pool, and saved his nephew. he did sprain both of his ankles . he is the captain of that usc trojan team. >> coming up next, how the emmy awards pay tribute to the
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>> the emmys have just wrapped up and the shows took a somber turn. >> it is very hard to talk about him in the past because he was so present in all of our lives. for almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy. >> breaking bad took him five statues. modern family one it's fifth
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consecutive emmy.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- john stamos, comedian todd glass, and music from ok go, with cleto and the cletones and now, ready or not, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. thank you very much. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show.


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